Brooke Pinto Declares Victory In Ward 2 Democratic Primary

Brooke Pinto Declares Victory In Ward 2 Democratic Primary

Pinto says to voters across Ward 2: “Let’s get to work.”

Washington, D.C. — Today, Brooke Pinto claimed victory in the Ward 2 Democratic Primary. 

“I am proud and confident to say that we have won the Ward 2 Democratic Primary,” Pinto said.I want to thank Ward 2 residents and voters who have put your trust in me to lead and care for our community. I also want to thank all of our volunteers and passionate team. For those who voted for one of the other very capable and thoughtful candidates, your voice will be heard and well represented in the general election as we fight to ensure greater equity in our community. I promise to make you proud. 

While my team and I will continue to monitor votes coming in, I am now turning my attention to the Special Election to fill the vacant Ward 2 Council seat. We must now unite and begin the hard work of recovering from COVID-19 and healing the wounds of division caused by systemic racism and injustice. Let’s get to work!”

The DC Board of Elections has counted 9,099 votes, the highest Ward 2 turnout in recent history, including early votes, in-person votes from June 2nd, and a majority of mail-in ballots. In the last 36-hours since additional mail-in ballots were tabulated, Brooke Pinto’s margins have increased while Patrick Kennedy’s have decreased. In order to overcome this deficit, Kennedy would need to earn a much larger percentage of the outstanding mail-in ballots than any candidate has yet to earn in the Ward 2 race. 


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