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Chairman of the D.C. Council, Phil Mendelson

“Brooke is the consummate public servant: passionate and measured. In her short time on the Council, she has exhibited the kind of even-handed and knowledgeable leadership that our city needs.

Always careful to gather all pertinent information and listen carefully, her leadership and voice is a breath of fresh air on the Council. I look forward to having the opportunity to continue working with Councilmember Pinto over the next four years.”

Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Karl Racine

“Brooke distinguished herself at the Office of the Attorney General because of her rare combination of intelligence, sincere interest in listening to all viewpoints on a given issue, and sheer tenacity in always bringing projects to completion. Brooke has utilized these traits in her first three months on the Council, during which time she has already demonstrated her decision making ability on issues that matter most to Ward 2 and District residents.”

"Brooke has an impressive work ethic and a rare sticktoitiveness that resulted in Brooke becoming a go to advisor in my office on whom I often relied. Brooke thoroughly understands the importance of listening to the views of all interests that could be impacted by contemplated legislation.

She is a persuasive person who leads by consensus. Additionally, Brooke’s character is beyond reproach, which will be a breath of fresh air for Ward 2.”

Chairman of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2F, John Fanning

“In the short time Councilmember Brooke Pinto has represented the resident and business communities of Ward 2, [she] has taken a proactive approach...demonstrating her continued commitment to reach out and work with a diverse set of stakeholders as she works to help our ward recover...Councilmember Pinto successfully secured additional funding to support our struggling Restaurant Industry to expand Streateries, supported additional funding for Public Housing Repairs and was prepared to oppose the Ad Tax.

As a voting member of the D.C. Council’s Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, I’m confident that Councilmember Pinto will be a vocal ally for the LGBTQ community. [She will work to] move and approve the Panic Defense Prohibition Act, and support legislation that would transfer and grant the D.C. Office of the Attorney General authority to prosecute Hate Crimes in the District.

For these reasons and more, I am endorsing Councilmember Brooke Pinto in the November 3rd General Election. I ask that you join me and cast your vote for Councilmember Brooke Pinto for a full four-year term.”

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2E07, Elizabeth Miller

“Since she was elected, Brooke Pinto has rolled up her sleeves and gotten to work on behalf of Ward 2. She is everywhere getting to know her constituents and learning about the most pressing issues from criminal justice reform to affordable housing. I sometimes wonder if she sleeps! Brooke is a fresh new voice for Georgetown, Ward 2 and our City. I look forward to working with her over the next four years to make important changes to our community. Put on your running shoes, and try to keep up with Brooke!"

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2F06, Ian Simon

“With challenging times ahead, we need leaders like Brooke Pinto who will take on the tough problems facing Ward 2 and our city. Brooke has already made great strides to support our small businesses and put the needs of our community first. That is why I’m proud to endorse Brooke in her drive to deliver real results for the residents of Ward 2."

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2F02, John Guggenmos

“I want you to know Brooke like I know Brooke. She’s a progressive pragmatist that’s unquestionably qualified. Her granular understanding of the D.C. budget and its process is outstanding and can’t be emphasized enough. She’s dedicated and embraces bold ideas, and as a creative pragmatist, she’s grounded in the reality of the steps to deliver those ideas. After all, a big idea that can’t be turned into reality will remain a dream... Each election, I ask myself one question: Who is the most qualified person to represent Ward 2? And without a doubt, I know it’s Councilmember Pinto. It’s why she has the endorsement of the majority of the SMD commissioners from ANC (2F) Logan Circle, the endorsement of Council Chairman Mendelson, and why the Washington Post endorsed her run again."

Read Commissioner Guggenmos' Full Endorsement Here: https://www.washingtonblade.com/2020/10/06/vote-brooke-pinto-for-ward-2-council/

Chairman of the Ward 2 Democrats, Austin Naughton

“Brooke has been wonderfully communicative. I have especially appreciated her attempts to engage with community members through online meetings about COVID recovery and support for neighbors without homes. I look forward to continuing to collaborate through Ward 2 Democrats, the DC Democratic Party, and other community organizations.”

D.C. Democratic State Committee At-Large Committeewoman, Dr. Monica Roache

"In her short time since being elected, I have been impressed with Councilmember Pinto's outreach efforts. She has made herself available at any time to speak to residents, community groups, ANC commissioners, and community leaders. Councilmember Pinto is well aware of issues impacting our Ward and already has come up with solutions to address issues. Ward 2 is a diverse ward with various needs. Councilmember Pinto focuses her time and energy equally from one end of Ward 2 to the other."

ANC Commissioner 2E06, Gwendolyn Lohse

"I am excited Georgetown, Ward 2 and the city have Brooke working on our behalf. In just a few months, Brooke has shown that she has the energy, creativity and diligence to dig into challenges and find viable solutions. She has prioritized local community outreach, which is critical as the city aims to reach goals like maintaining a strong small businesses community. Her positions are forward-thinking and focused on working with the Council to bring needed changes to Ward 2 and its residents."

Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD)

"It’s time for a change in leadership in Ward 2. Brooke Pinto has the integrity, insight, and determination to lead us forward. As a Ward 2 voter, I believe in Brooke, and so can you. As we confront a new economy triggered by the health and economic crisis we face, I am concerned about the economic stability of the district. We cannot achieve stability without knowledgeable representation for Ward 2, the economic engine of the district, without someone who’s known for integrity and responsibility.

I understand how important it is for the Council to secure the federal funding the District needs to recover from COVID-19 crisis and looming recession. Brooke is the only candidate who has identified this imperative, truly understands its importance, and is poised to build a coalition to address it. While true that all politics are local, we live in a complex legal design where the district is funded by both local and federal revenues. We must have a council member who understands this system and has the ability and relationships to influence an increased distribution of federal revenues to the district.

Brooke is a very persuasive and effective advocate who knows how to build partnerships and consensus. I am very pleased to endorse Brooke Pinto to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council." - Senator Tom Daschle, Former US Senate Majority and Minority Leader; Ward 2 Resident

Congressman Joe Kennedy, III (D-MA4)

"I am proud to endorse Brooke Pinto for the Ward 2 DC Council seat. I know Brooke well and she has the experience and integrity to be an energetic and passionate voice on the DC Council. I look forward to working closely with her in the fight for DC Statehood. I was involved when she was a Co-Chair for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless fundraiser. Her team raised over $1 million dollars at this event, evidence of her drive and leadership. She shares my belief that legal aid is a vital component of our civic duty to our community. I enthusiastically endorse her."

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)

"Brooke was a very valuable member of my successful 2010 campaign staff. I enthusiastically welcomed her back to my office five years later as a Health and Aging Fellow where she helped us prepare for hearings and draft legislation to protect the elderly. I have been consistently impressed with Brooke’s tenacity in uncovering facts and developing achievable solutions.

Brooke has diligently served her community at the DC Attorney General’s office, working on policy and legislation to advance workers’ rights, protect small businesses, and expand civil rights and consumer protections.The residents of DC need a strong and committed leader who will go to bat for DC autonomy, battle housing insecurity, and protect the small business community to keep neighborhoods thriving. I know that Brooke will continue to be completely dedicated to Ward 2 when elected."

U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown (D-DC)

"I support Brooke Pinto for Ward 2 because she is honest and deeply committed to our community. I know that Brooke will restore trust to the Ward 2 Council seat and will build consensus in the ward as it grows and faces new challenges. As your elected advocate for DC statehood, I have always been impressed with her work on civil rights. Her experience inside DC government makes her an exceptional candidate with the knowledge to get things done. It’s time for new leadership in Ward 2 and Brooke will lead into the future with a new vitality and vision for a better city for all of us."

Chris Kennedy

“I am very pleased to endorse Brooke Pinto, Democratic candidate for the DC Council Ward 2 race. She was a terrific volunteer on my Kennedy for Illinois campaign in 2018. More importantly, I am very impressed by her commitment and dedication to public service." - Chris Kennedy, former Democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois, 2018; Chairman of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.

Howard Marks

"Brooke Pinto has fought for the rights of seniors and the handicapped both as a U.S. Senate Staffer and as Assistant Attorney General. Her commitment and proven legislative skills will be necessary if the Council is to order the removal of dangerous dockless e-scooters from Ward 2 sidewalks. Brooke understands “scooter liter” is not only unsightly, but has led to unacceptable injuries to the blind and the disabled in Ward 2. Brooke will make sure the District Government complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act which the dockless e-scooter industry violates daily. Brooke will stand up to the multinationals and Wall Street investment houses who have enabled this industry to expand to 100 cities throughout the world with little regard to safety.

Brooke’s commitment to the long living started early in her career when she worked at a senior living community in New York. She honed her legislative skills as a Health and Aging Fellow for one of the rising stars of the US Senate: Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).

Ward 2 needs her strong voice to protect the rights of seniors and the handicapped. Without reservation, I enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Brooke Pinto to be Ward 2 Councilperson." - Howard Marks, Founder of the Ward 2 Better Government Association; Founder of Take Back Our Sidewalks

Michael Healy

"I am excited to endorse Brooke Pinto for the Ward 2 seat on the DC Council. Brooke is passionate about environmental issues and I know has the experience needed to ensure that Washington, DC reaches its carbon reduction and clean energy goals. Brooke and I share a vision to power our city with local solar energy, and with her support we can continue to make renewable energy more accessible while creating a more sustainable city for generations to come." - Michael Healy, CEO and Founder of New Columbia Solar

John Castellani

“Brooke is a leader with integrity and experience. She will provide practical solutions with empathy and transparency to resolve the health and economic crisis facing the District. I look forward to working with her.” - John Castellani, Former President and CEO of the Business Roundtable; Johns Hopkins Medicine Sibley, Board of Trustees

Professor Vicki Girard

"I am enthusiastically supporting Brooke in her race to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council! I first met Brooke when she was a student at Georgetown Law in the pilot program of our Health Justice Alliance, where law students and medical students collaborate to bring comprehensive care and service to neighbors with health-harming legal needs around food insecurity, poor housing, special education, and other challenges in the District. Brooke demonstrated a palpable degree of commitment to understanding these challenges deeply before recommending holistic solutions. During her time at Georgetown Law and afterwards at the DC Attorney General’s office, I saw her work tirelessly to advance access to health and justice at the local and national levels. I am confident that Brooke is just the type of leader Ward 2 needs as we work to recover from COVID-19 and provide care to our residents in a sustainable manner that accounts for the myriad of health and legal challenges they may face." - Vicki Girard, Co-Director of Georgetown University Law Center Health Justice Alliance

Rusty Conner

“We need for Brooke Pinto to be elected to Council to ensure an energetic, experienced voice concerned about all residents of the District. She represents a new generation of servant leaders who embrace public service as a selfless means to contribute to the District’s future.” - Rusty Conner, Partner at Covington and Burling LLP

Christina Johnson

“Brooke is a capable, assertive, accomplished, intellectually agile and forward-thinking woman. For me, it’s important that we not only ensure that our Council represents the more than 50% of District residents that are women, but that they do so with women of Brooke’s substance and power as a leader. I unequivocally support her nomination and will support her term of service as well.” - Christina Johnson, Affordable Housing Executive and Nonprofit Leader