Brooke Pinto’s Vision


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Brookes COVID-19 Relief and Resiliency Plan

Small Businesses

Ward 2 has a high concentration of restaurants and other businesses that add character to our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life. Our small businesses and their employees have especially been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. They need assistance now and will need recovery support in the future. As your Councilmember, Brooke will continue to stand by small businesses when they are thriving and when they need us the most. 

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Stand up to fraudulent out-of-District business

For far too long, our small businesses have been pushed aside due to fraudulent out-of-District businesses setting up shop in the District to take advantage of our favorable contracting laws. As Councilmember, Brooke will fight to ensure that legitimate DC businesses are protected and, through collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General, will push to have the city prosecute sham businesses illegally operating in the District

  • Address the vacant storefronts throughout the Ward

As a tax attorney, Brooke understands how to work with the building owners and the city to incentivize landlords to lease their spaces and ensure that our small businesses can succeed. 

  • Increase collaboration among our workforce development programs

Brooke knows that there are many workforce development programs in our city, and yet, many of our job seekers are not always matched with the right employers. Brooke will work to increase our hard and soft skills training for works so they can get on a meaningful path to employment.

Brooke’s Track Record: 

    • As Councilmember, Brooke worked with her colleagues to eliminate a proposed advertising and sales tax that would have burdened local media outlets and provision to support for businesses and workers with PPE measures.


    • As Councilmember, Brooke advocated for outdoor dining space and “streateries” so restaurants had a safe way to reopen during the pandemic.


    • As Councilmember, Brooke also allocated $9 million to assist undocumented workers who cannot access federal and local relief resources and full funding for the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act.




Between 2000 and 2013, our city experienced the greatest intensity of gentrification of any city in the country. We have to do a better job of ensuring that our city is accessible and inclusive for new residents, while also protecting long-time residents so that they and their families can remain in the District for generations to come.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Support Housing First policies

 Washington, D.C. has the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the country. This is unacceptable. Brooke will support Housing First policies so that our city not only addresses housing needs, but also the social challenges that accompany housing insecurity through supportive services.


  • Support expanding rent control

Rising rents pose an unbearable burden to low and middle-income families across the District and this crisis is only continuing to intensify. Rent Control is a necessary step in combating this burden and ensuring that all residents have the right to desperately needed affordable housing. I pledge to address the needs of our renters and ensure that landlords violating the law are held accountable. 


  • Increase coordination between housing organizations

 There are many government programs that focus on addressing housing insecurity in the District. While it is encouraging that addressing this crisis is a priority for our city, we will be more successful when we coordinate our efforts. Brooke will also partner with community legal aid and advocacy groups to ensure they have the support they need to represent our community. 


  • Support and encourage improvements to the Historic Preservation Review Board

 The Historic Preservation Review Board has maintained the character of our beautiful neighborhoods for decades. Brooke will continue to support the Historic Preservation Review Board’s work while also encouraging reforms to increase clarity of their requirements and efficiency of their review process.

Brooke’s Track Record:

    • As Councilmember, Brooke worked to increase homeless outreach and prevention programs and provide additional units of permanent supportive housing and maintained investments for programs such as TANF, Medicaid loan match, and the DC Healthcare Alliance.


    • As Councilmember, Brooke passed $50 million for public housing repairs and $6 million to create 300 new homes through Local Rent Supplement Program.


    • During law school at Georgetown University Law Center, Brooke worked at the Landlord Tenant Resource Center, assisting both tenants and landlords to navigate the legal landscape of their issue. Working in this section of the DC Superior Court sparked her commitment to protecting tenants to ensure that we do not continue to displace our neighbors. 
    • During and after law school, Brooked worked with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. While in law school, she helped raise over $1 million for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless which the Clinic used to provide legal representation to individuals and families struggling from insecure housing.
    • At the Office of the Attorney General, Brooke worked to expand the Office of Consumer Protection to make sure that the laws that are already on the books to protect tenants are adequately enforced. The Office of the Attorney General brought many cases on behalf of tenants who had been charged rising costs or were displaced. 
    • Brooke helped draft and introduce legislation to protect displaced tenants from payment delays. She found that upon a receivership being set up, displaced tenants were not being paid on a timely basis. 

Criminal Justice and Racial Equity:

Every Ward 2 resident deserves to feel safe in our community, which is why Brooke believes in taking a common sense, public-health approach to reduce crime. 

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Expand the Cure the Streets Program

Brooke will expand the Cure the Streets pilot program, which has proven to be extremely effective in reducing crime, to all eight Wards. The Cure the Streets Programs, implemented by the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, uses credible messengers to interrupt violence in our communities before it occurs. 


  • Invest in common sense safety measures

Brooke will ensure our streets have adequate lighting and that all of our metro stations are equipped with functioning cameras.  These are simple, effective changes that will make our neighborhoods safer.


  • Ensure our cannabis laws are fair

 We know that black and white neighbors use cannabis at around the same rates. However, nationwide, black men are arrested for cannabis possession and consumption at a rate of 4X their white counterparts. In the District of Columbia, 93% of our cannabis arrests for possession and consumption are of black residents. Brooke will introduce legislation to clarify our city’s cannabis laws, support minority-owned cannabis companies and ensure the law is enforced equally, regardless of race or income level. 


  •  Require all legislation to be analyzed through a racial equity lens.

Racism is deeply ingrained in every corner of our society. We must be mindful and intentional in every policy decision we make to ensure all changes we enact works towards a larger goal of addressing racial inequity.


Brooke’s Track Record:


    • As Councilmember, Brooke passed legislation providing $6 million for Violence Interruption and Prevention Programs, increasing supports for the DC Cadets Program to recruit native Washingtonians to the MPD, and granting incarcerated felons the right to vote in District elections.


    • As Councilmember, Brooke began reforming our public safety system by advocating for the reallocation of city funds to programs that will help keep BIPOC residents safe.


    • At the Office of the Attorney General, Brooke helped oversee the Cure the Streets pilot program which takes a public-health approach to reducing crime. Violence Interrupters intervene in high-risk situations to peaceably resolve conflicts before they become violent.
    • Brooke was a member of a working group to rewrite cannabis legislation to make the law more clear for Washingtonians and to ensure that the law is not unfairly applied to minority communities.
    • Brooke urged Congress to pass the SAFE Banking Act by helping to draft a letter that garnered unprecedented, bipartisan support from 38 state Attorneys Generals. This Fall, the House of Representatives passed the SAFE Banking Act.
    • Brooke worked to expand social equity programs so that when DC is allowed to have a legal adult use market for cannabis, people facing previous cannabis convictions can meaningfully compete in the marketplace.

Worker’s Rights

As your Councilmember, Brooke will work closely with labor organizations to ensure that DC continues to be a national leader in protecting workers’ rights.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Ensure our laws are enforced

While working at the DC Office of the Attorney General, Brooke came to realize that our labor laws are only as strong as our enforcement. Brooke is committed to ensuring our enforcement agencies have the necessary resources to enforce the existing laws to protect against wage theft.


  • Create a wage theft task force

 Brooke plans to create a task force between labor leaders, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure we can increase our preventative efforts to combat wage theft and violations of worker rights.  


  • Improve information accessibility

 Brooke will make comprehensive information on DC labor laws publicly accessible to all workers, not just in English and Spanish, but in French, Amharic, Chinese, Vietnemese, and Korean, as well. 


Brooke’s Track Record:

    • As Councilmember, Brooke reinforced her commitment to include DC’s excluded workforce in economic relief.


    • Brooke worked with the Council to ban non-compete agreements so that workers without bargaining power would not be stifled from finding alternative employment upon leaving a job.
    • Brooke expanded OAG’s Wage Theft practice to ensure that pattern and practice cases were brought to return thousands of dollars to District workers. 
    • Brooke advocated with the Council and OAG to ban contractor indemnity agreements so that workers who get injured on the job would not be left to pay the entire bill themselves.

Women's Rights

Brooke is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and social justice. Women’s rights are under assault by the Trump Administration, and our local government must stand up to protect our residents.  While women have made great strides in their fight for equality, there is still more work to be done.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose

 To advance a women’s first agenda, D.C. needs autonomy so we can provide healthcare services to our residents. We must urge Congress to remove the spending rider prohibiting us from using our locally raised tax dollars for reproductive health care. 


  • Improve maternal health care

Brooke will support the Maternal Health Care Improvement and Expansion Act of 2019 which requires health care plans to cover at least two postpartum healthcare visits, home visits, fertility preservation services, and transportation stipends for travel to and from prenatal and postpartum visits.


  • Guarantee access to menstrual products

In her first term, Brooke pledges to make tampons and pads free for women at or below the poverty line. 


  • Support women running for office

 Brooke pledges to expand the DC Fair Elections Program to cover the cost of childcare, which is often a significant barrier deterring women and parents from running for elected office. The expansion of this program will help to even the playing field. Currently, only five out of thirteen DC Councilmembers are women. We have to do better.

Brooke’s Track Record:


    •  As Councilmember, Brooke serves as the first woman to ever represent Ward 2 on the DC Council.
    • Brooke introduced legislation to provide free tampons and hygiene products at all DCPS schools.
    • Brooke fought against the Trump Administration through lawsuits and other advocacy to protect a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.


Brooke will continue to work to ensure that all LGBTQQIA+ Ward 2 residents feel safe and welcomed in our community. 

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Combat bullying in our schools

Brooke will increase education funding and requirements for anti-bullying and inclusion in our schools. The DCPS sex education curriculum must include information on gender identity and sexual orientation. 


  • Protect and support LGBTQQIA+ workers

Brooke will combat hiring and workplace discrimination that our LGBTQQIA+ community faces far too often. Our business and government workplaces must be inclusive and reflective of our city.


  • Strengthen hate crime legislation

Brooke will vote for the hate crimes legislation she helped write to ensure that the OAG can enforce bias-motivated crimes in our city. Hate crimes and harassment are still prevalent in our city and we need to make sure we enforce cases against violent and verbal harassment. Brooke will also vote to pass the Tony Hunter and Bella Evangelista Panic Defense Prohibition Act of 2019.  

Brooke’s Track Record:

    • As Councilmember, Brooke worked with her colleagues to support: 
          • $600k for 14 units of transitional housing for LGBTQ+ youth
          • $500k for Workforce Development for LGBTQ+ youth
          • $100k to the Department of Aging and Community Living for community dining supports for LGBTQ+ seniors
          • $70k to the Department of General Services for rental assistance for the DC Center for the LGBTQ+ community 
    • At the OAG, Brooke met with LGBTQQIA+ leaders and heard that hate crimes were on the rise. So she got to work and helped write a bill to ensure our city can prosecute anyone who threatens the safety of our LGBTQQIA+ community. Brooke looks forward to passing this important piece of legislation as your Councilmember.


Brooke supports a smart and pragmatic approach to transportation that promotes equality and a reduction in carbon emissions. She knows a one size fits all model will not work in a city that is in need of both safe access to bike lines and is already suffering from limited parking spaces. 

Brooke Pledges to: 

  • Guarantee access to public transportation

Brooke will support Councilmember Charles Allen’s legislation that would provide every DC resident with a $100 monthly metro subsidy. We must encourage the use of public transportation and ensure that it is not a financial burden on any Washingtonian.  Brooke is also in favor of expanding dedicated crosstown transitways and bus lanes around the city. 


  • Protect and expand bike lanes

Brooke will expand protected bike lanes, especially on major roadways and connection bridges. Protected bike lanes improve the quality of life for all DC residents through reducing traffic, preventing traffic deaths, improving air quality, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

Brooke’s Track Record:

    • As Councilmember, Brooke has worked to expand two-way bike lanes across the city.


    • At the Office of the Attorney General, Brooke listened to different points of view from the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), building managers and residents and helped to resolve conflicts over new bike lanes. 
    • Brooke worked to resolve issues between DDOT and residents so that DC residents are not charged unreasonable ticket fines. 

The Environment

Brooke will ensure that the District’s commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is not just words, but action. Our nation’s capital must be a leader in the transition to a green economy.

Brooke pledges to:



  • Strengthen the enforcement of environmental protections

Brooke knows that our laws are only as strong as their enforcement. We must ensure that current laws protecting our water and air are strictly and consistently enforced. 


  • Expand solar energy

Brooke will expand tax credits for residents who install solar panels on their houses and/or businesses. She will also work closely with community organizations to find creative solutions to expand solar energy across our city.


  • Increase the number of E.V. charging stations

Brooke will support legislation requiring electric vehicle charging stations in new and substantially renovated residential buildings. This increase in EV infrastructure could further encourage the use of EVs, helping us reduce local air pollution.


  • Ban the sale of fur and ivory

Brooke will support legislation to ban the sale of fur and ivory because we must cut off the demand for these products in order to end poaching and inhumane animal industries. A ban on the sale of ivory will also reduce the militarization of anti-poaching efforts.

Brooke’s Track Record:


    • As Councilmember, Brooke has fought to ensure a transition to net-zero carbon as fast as possible and has a plan to make DC lead the way for the green jobs we need.
    • As a DC Assistant Attorney General, Brooke helped oversee a lawsuit brought against a bus company for idling their buses and polluting our air. 
    • Brooke organized the first ever environmental working group at the AG’s office with environmental activists, lawyers, agencies, and leaders to determine a coordinated response and approach to address the climate crisis.

D.C. Statehood

Brooke believes it is imperative that the District be granted statehood so that we can earn control over our budget priorities, manage our own criminal justice system, and make our own determinations about the best path forward for our laws and residents.  She will continue to zealously advocate on behalf of the District for our constitutional right to representative democracy.

Brooke’s Track Record: 

    • As a DC Assistant Attorney General, Brooke advocated on behalf of D.C. Statehood before the National Attorneys General community and before Congress.

Senior Care

Brooke believes senior residents of Ward 2 deserve compassionate policies that allow them to age in place and a system that provides more opportunities for affordable health care. As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more of our residents will be simultaneously caring for their adult parents and their children at the same time. As your Councilmember, Brooke will commit to easing the burden of this care.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Increase the homestead deduction

Brooke pledges to increase the homestead deduction in real estate taxes for people above the age of 65. 


  • Expand affordable senior living options

Brooke pledges to increase affordable options for community living and long-term care for seniors because she understands the importance of the comprehensive services needed for seniors to live healthy lives. 


  • Expand medication delivery services

Especially given the increased risks associated with COVID-19, Brooke will work to make deliveries of medication to our seniors a viable alternative from going to the pharmacist.

Brooke’s Track Record: 

    • Brooke previously worked at a senior living community, where she helped families understand the ins and outs of our convoluted medical system.

Public Health

At a time when the importance of public health is overwhelmingly apparent, Brooke remains committed to ensuring that our public healthcare system works for all residents, especially our most vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Guarantee access to medical facilities

Ward 2 is fortunate to be home to two of our city’s largest hospitals. Yet, all Washingtonians living east of the Anacostia river, will lose their only major medical facility after 2024 due to the Council’s decision to close the last remaining hospital in an already neglected area of the city. This is unacceptable, especially because we know that black women die during pregnancy or in the months after giving birth 2.5 times more often than white women in our city. The D.C. Council has a responsibility to ensure that all D.C. residents have access to high quality hospitals and medical care. This includes guaranteeing that medical providers have cultural competency to meet patients’ social and cultural needs. 

  • Increase funding for lead pipe replacements 

DC Water has been replacing lead service lines on public property for years, but building and home owners are responsible for the replacement of lead pipes on their property. This results in low-income homeowners being exposed to high levels of lead. The DC Council last year allocated $1.8 million dollars to replace lead service lines for qualifying low-income residents. As your Councilmember, Brooke will ensure funding levels are increased to protect DC residents from the serious health consequences of lead.

Brooke’s Track Record:

    • As Councilmember, Brooke passed funding for a new District hospital at the St Elizabeth Campus and capital improvements at Howard University Hospital.


    • Brooke worked with the National Attorneys General association to combat the vaping crisis to ensure that our residents, particularly, our youth are protected from the harmful effects of vaping. She also worked with the Council to support a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. 
    • Brooke represented the Office of the Attorney General’s at the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force, Long Live DC, and served on the Law Enforcement subcommittee.


As your Councilmember, Brooke will ensure that the improvements in our public school system benefit all students, not just those in the wealthiest neighborhoods.

Brooke Pledges to:

  • Support the Birth-to-Three program:

We know that early childhood education is crucial for children’s social and cognitive development. Brooke is a strong supporter of the Birth-to-Three program. 


  • Ensure our public schools are well-funded:

DC Public schools must have adequate funding for core classes, as well as foreign language, arts, and sports programs. As schools steadily improve, we also must work to combat overcrowding and reduce the teacher to student ratio. Brooke will ensure we invest in hiring highly trained teachers who plan to remain in DCPS for years to come. Brooke will also advocate for a heightened increase in funding in the budget to account for more than just the cost of living increase for teacher’s salaries, but also to ensure school modernization is achieved. 


  • Expand school mental health resources:

Brooke will ensure that schools are staffed with school-based mental health professionals.


  • Require public charter school transparency:

Brooke believes charter schools should be held accountable to the same measures of transparency as traditional DC Public Schools. If funding is a significant roadblock for providing transparency, part of the budget allocated towards publicly funded charter schools should be earmarked for transparency measures and the ability to comply with FOIA requests.


  • Support the expansion of the DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG):

Brooke will be a vocal advocate for increased funding for the DCTAG program which helps DC families send their children to public and private colleges and universities across the country.

Brooke’s Track Record: 

    • As Councilmember, Brooke passed nearly $6 million to support the District’s childcare facilities and bolster early literacy intervention grant programs as well as $4 million redirected from school policing to mental health services.
    • As the Assistant Attorney General for Policy and Legislative Affairs, Brooke wrote legislation to expand the definition of mandatory reporters for child abuse and to increase the penalties for those who fail to report abuse.